Ett samarbete med Gotlands Djurfristad

Bland stjärnor och fårtanter

En stjärnklar kväll stöter gumman och hunden Malte på en grupp fårtanter. De berättar att bonden bokat en lastbil som ska köra dem till slakteriet. Gumman förstår genast att de svävar i livsfara och lovar att försöka hjälpa dem. Det blir början på en livslång vänskap mellan gumman, Malte och fårtanterna.

Bland stjärnor och fårtanter är en vacker berättelse om vänskap, viljan att leva och varma hjärtan som slår. Den är baserad på den sanna berättelsen om hur Gotlands Djurfristad startade. Lena Areskog är grundare till Gotlands Djurfristad. Illustratör är Halja, som även gjort bilderna till webbserien En gris dagbok.

The Landskapë Saga

Bell Eleven (#1)

"§34.2:1: Anyone found outside premises during Curfew hours will be removed."

Eighteen-year-old Freja Evenson goes about life as well as one can do under the circumstances. That is, when you?re stuck inside the house under a twelve-hour Curfew, when your best friend has left you stranded in the city, and when your over-protective father acts as if you?ll miss Curfew and be removed, just like your mother.

Until one day when Curfew touches her life for a second time, and a dangerous quest begins. Beyond the limits of her own world, Freja seeks answers to the questions no-one dares ask.

A clue sends her from her safe life into a parallel world, or landskapë, where the mysteries of her world begin to unfold with earth-shattering revelations. Behind every answer lies a dark secret ? and the cold hand of Curfew reaches even further than she can imagine.

Bell Eleven is a novel about tolerance, sustainability and the difficult choices we must make in the face of something much larger than ourselves.

This is the first book of four in YA fantasy adventure series The Landskapë Saga.

The Landskapë Saga

Eight Bridges (#2)

Freja may have escaped Topster's grasp for now but as Amérle is taken over by his army, an even greater challenge awaits. Together with her faithful companion, the batsër Pollux, she must seek out the mythical Duo, the ruling brothers of the third landskapë, the Red World. Only there can she hope to find help to stop Topster and to quench the failing Network before it's too late.

The journey forces her to face the consequences of her newfound self. She is a true Master of the Élan, but can she really set aside all her humanness to embrace the proper nature of a Master?

Then there's the rumour of a prophecy-a truth which in Freja's possession could change everything. Of course, it's only a rumour ...

Eight Bridges is the highly anticipated second instalment of YA urban fantasy series The Landskapë Saga.

Senaste recensionerna

Bland stjärnor och fårtanter

"Med värme och klok humor skildras fårens, hundens, och kvinnans gemensamma liv [...] Formgivningen är utomordentligt välkomponerad och gör boken till en vacker utgåva i den djurrättsliga traditionen." - BTJ, Jan Hansson i häftet 9/20

Eight Bridges

"Another wonderful read from Nina J Lux, beautiful writing and a world I never want to leave." - Randombadger

Bell Eleven

"It's a lively adventure in a vividly created world. The conflict is complex and interesting. It's really something for fans of YA fantasy to sink their teeth into!"
- Ruby

Bell Eleven

Bell Eleven

Bell Eleven

"… some of the most imaginative worlds and beautiful prose that I’ve come across in an indie book. […] I really can’t say enough about this book, except that I *highly* recommend it to fans of fantasy novels." - S. Usher Evans

"Approachable, delightful fantasy […] having some of the most interesting world building I’ve read in a long time."  – Callum

“Fantastic world-building going on in this book. […] well worth a read for fans of scifi and fantasy for the amazing, imaginative setting and the compelling plot.” – Elizabeth